Sugar Skull Nail Art Waterslide Decals Set

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 “These decals are amazing quality. They don’t shrivel or distort and are very easy to use.”

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Four Easy Steps for Application:

  1. Cut the decal to fit the nail(s). They can be used on natural or artificial nails. For natural nails, apply a base coat first. For acrylic nails, a base coat is not necessary.
  2. Place your decal in a bowl of warm water. It will curl up and then straighten out again. Once they are laying flat again, they are ready to slide off of the paper backing and onto your nail. NOTE: THESE ARE PRINTED ON A CLEAR FILM SO THERE IS NO WHITE INK. For best results apply to a white or light colored nail.
  3. Place the decal straight onto the nail in desired position.
  4. Dab dry with a tissue & finish with a layer of clear acrylic or top coat to seal.


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