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Brand: Squatty Potty
Material: ABS Plastic
Weight-bearing: 200kg
Size: 47*32*21cm(9"), 44.5*28*21cm(7")
Net Weight: 830g
Color: White
Application: Bathroom

Help children reach the sink or toilet.
Can fits most of the toilets. 
Prevent Colon Diseases
End hemorrhoids.
It can be use both for children and adults. 
Anti-slip surface and anti-slip pads. 
Made of durable hard Polyurethane plastic, Comfortable, portable and easy to clean. 

Warm Prompt:
The stool has 2 sizes that work perfectly with ANY standard (14""-15.5") or comfort height (16""-18") toilet. If you are a new squatter, 
the 7" is a great place to start and if you are limber or consider yourself an advanced squatter, the 9" will work best.

1. Positions the body for healthier bowel activity by raising legs up to a natural squatting position.

2.Doctor Recommendation!

To help relieve straining, constipation, hemorrhoids, and related ailments.
3. Being a natural position, you may be be strange to this healthy posture at first. Your body will soon adjust and you will experience the health benefits immediately.
4. Although for some users there may be a cycle period before noticeable results. Please give the step and go a 7 day trial, you'll thank yourself for it.

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